Sept. 27 Fleetwood Mac/Tango in the Night

My first full Fleetwood Mac album that wasn’t The Dance. In a last second effort to throw new music in my car I routed through my dad’s cassette collection and came across this album. Super glad I dived into this when I did, and aside from Mick’s slightly excessive solo rant about halfway through the record it was greatly rewarding. All the tones and lyrics were brutally 80s dream pop rock aesthetic. Makes me feel like I’m trapped in a vocal vortex cyclone of Christine McVie’s voice and I don’t want to escape.


Sept. 26 Tycho/Dive

Holy vapor/synthwave. Maybe less vapor and more cheesy techno? Regardless, this makes for a good study soundtrack along with their other albums. The holiest of chills, but nothing incredibly outstanding. I’m still unfamiliar with the origins of this stimulation, but all vapor/synth wave has me craving to bike through modern city infrastructures and suburbia backroads.

Sept. 23 Japanese Breakfast/Psychopomp

A soothing clash of 80s/90s synth tone rock and pop with a killer female vocal/lyricist. Immediately drew several connections to Alvvays and Blondie, but in a more unique, even experimental form. Apparently the word “psychopomp” refers to a guide for souls to the place of the dead, which alone connects this sense of death and loss to the album. A somber connotation that adds a second layer to this beautiful expression. Makes me feel like an extra in a scene from the Goonies.

Sept. 20 Kishi Bashi/151a

What all indie composition albums should aspire to. Beauty through organized chaos. The string arrangements and seemingly natural lyricism makes me feel as though I’m flying a hundred colorful kites on a yellow, red, and blue sunset while my soulmate rides a tiger through a nearby field of flowers. A few months after listening to this Kishi Bashi hosted a facebook livestream video feat. a dancing steak mascot and a stage presence to be admired.

Sept. 13 Attic Abasement/Dream News

I saw this album atop a premature early-september “albums of 2016” list and thought: “name seems familiar, and the art looks cool..worth a try I guess?” I was throwing around the idea of starting a personal music commentary in the name of exploring new music and actively instigating some intellectual thought and association within my own head. My first listen with this album did nothing for me. My second and third rounds reared similar reactions and finally I gave up trying to like it. I definitely harbor some favoritism for three-piece outfits because I’m fond of the idea of intricate, full music created through minimal arrangements of members. But even that bias could not add an appeal to this album for me. My connection with this album is purely by means of association. “Dream News” fades in and out of the background of my september fall semester-specifically that first week and my first round of classes-walking over layered and sweaty under a fall sun to distant campus parking lots.

Barnes and Noble Infrastructure Revamp Press Release

Assigned research and public relations teams were required to designate a company to redesign and restructure with the goal of securing and guaranteeing a successful, economically productive future. Our team designated America’s top retail book provider, Barnes and Noble, as the target of focus. Below is a document detailing a general summary, included features, and supposed deadline for the upcoming transformation and direction of the company.

Press Release Document