Political Scandal Mock-Memo

Following research on a recent American political scandal, a memo containing a summary of the proposed occurrence, as well as composed apologia either excusing or validating the actions of the involved individuals, was to be created. This work focuses on a reaction from New Jersey State Governor Chris Christie’s public relations team in response to the Bridgegate scandal.

Disclaimer: The following document does not contain any held political or worldview perspectives of the author. While the memo does include nonfictional events, people and places, the perspectives and apologia of the author is a work of fiction.

Chris Christie Political Scandal Memo


Barnes and Noble Infrastructure Revamp Press Release

Assigned research and public relations teams were required to designate a company to redesign and restructure with the goal of securing and guaranteeing a successful, economically productive future. Our team designated America’s top retail book provider, Barnes and Noble, as the target of focus. Below is a document detailing a general summary, included features, and supposed deadline for the upcoming transformation and direction of the company.

Press Release Document