Sept. 27 Green Day/Dookie

Pure 90s punk, and half the soundtrack to my teenage years-around the same time I first picked up my first bass and got into the Foo Fighters. First thought: “Oh, I love tony hawk pro skater soundtracks!” Despite my love for hardcore and punk I had ever gotten around to officially picking up a Green Day album. I felt like Dookie was the perfect introduction to a stranger I had informally known for years. I guess at the end of high school and beginning of college I got so caught up in Jawbreaker and the local NJ hardcore scene I never felt the need to look back any further to other foundational punk acts. Dirnt’s bass in this sticks primarily to the chords, but compliments them in bursts of simple intricacy and the tradition between tracks 3-4 is rewarding as hell. I listen to this album and I’m 13 again back in my parent’s basement playing tony hawk and ranting about the superiority of ACDC.



Author: kylecoan

Writer, blogger, and music enthusiast. Add more details here.

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