Sept. 13 Attic Abasement/Dream News

I saw this album atop a premature early-september “albums of 2016” list and thought: “name seems familiar, and the art looks cool..worth a try I guess?” I was throwing around the idea of starting a personal music commentary in the name of exploring new music and actively instigating some intellectual thought and association within my own head. My first listen with this album did nothing for me. My second and third rounds reared similar reactions and finally I gave up trying to like it. I definitely harbor some favoritism for three-piece outfits because I’m fond of the idea of intricate, full music created through minimal arrangements of members. But even that bias could not add an appeal to this album for me. My connection with this album is purely by means of association. “Dream News” fades in and out of the background of my september fall semester-specifically that first week and my first round of classes-walking over layered and sweaty under a fall sun to distant campus parking lots.


Author: kylecoan

Writer, blogger, and music enthusiast. Add more details here.

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